Advancer - 26-inch Full Shelf

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    26-inch x 26-inch x 5-16-inch Full 12-Sided Advancer Kiln Shelf

    For 12 sided kilns with 3.5-inch walls.
    Max temperature is 2600 degrees.

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    Please allow at least, 6-8 weeks for delivery.

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    Advancer Kiln Shelves are available in 8, 10 and 12-sided shapes to fit in most top loading electric kilns (full and half) and are the only silicon carbide shelves tested and recommended for use in resistance coil element kilns.  At only 5/16-inch thick, these shelves allow for significantly more stacking space when compared to conventional 5/8-inch and 1-inch-thick cordierite kiln shelves.

    At less than half the weight of conventional shelves, Advancer kiln shelves are far easier to handle and lift in and out of the kiln with less stress to your hands and back.

    Do I need to kiln wash my Advancer Kiln Shelves.

    We generally recommend using a suitable high alumina wash on our kiln shelves.
    Particularly in studio or classroom settings where multiple users are present

    Due to the extremely low porosity of Advancer (less than1%) vs. conventional silicon carbide (18% typical) and cordierite (30% typical).  It is true that there is much less of a tendency for glaze to penetrate into or stick onto the Advancer surface.  Nevertheless, it is still possible for glaze to react with the protective oxide glass surface of our Kiln shelves. Especially at higher temperatures, and bond onto the Advancer surface.  Glaze drips are usually easily removed without grinding because extremely low porosity of Advancer.  ON the other hand, glazes that volatilize at temperature, leaving a fine mist of glaze on the shelf may require light grinding or sanding for complete removal.

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