Nautilus Shell Box

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    37486 Nautilus Shell Box - in Ceramic Cone 04 Bisque By Duncan

    All of our bisque is fired to a cone 04 and is ready to paint.

    5.1 x 4.6 x 3.1

    Summer Adventure Bisque Brochure

    This item is unpainted.
    You are purchasing an unfinished, Ready to Paint, Piece of Ceramic Pottery

    Mystical Mollusk Nautilus Shell Box

    Inspired by the tiger nautilus shell, this boldly colored design can be found in nature and is one of the most popular shell shapes. The shape best represents the laws of growth and makes a fun piece to decorate and display.

    For best results, please read all instructions before beginning project. Refer to photo for color and design placement.

    1.      Wipe lid and box with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.
    2.      Brush two coats Pure Brilliance to inside box and lid. Let dry.
    3.      Place lid on box and line up incised line. Lightly with pencil continue curve of line on bottom half of box so they will match up when painted.
    4.      Paint three coats Bright Salsa in space between incised lines. Continue painting lines on bottom portion of box. Let dry and repeat with two more coats.  Let dry.
    5.      Use Liner brush to paint two thin lines between the painted stripes (see picture) and continue lines to bottom of box. Let dry.
    6.      Paint thin line of Bright Salsa in carved section of coil to darken. Float color out to create dimension. Let dry.
    7.      Dip stiff brush into Dark Salsa and flick bristles back with finger to create spattering over lid and box sides. Let dry.
    8.      Stilt box and lid on kiln shelf and fire to cone 06.

    What you need:
    Duncan® Concepts® Underglazes for Bisque
    CN 062 Bright Salsa
    CN 063 Dark Salsa
    CN 501 Neon Yellow
    Clear Glazes
    Duncan® Pure Brilliance® Clear Glaze
    Signature Brushes
    SB 803 No. 4 Liner
    SB 807 No. 6 Fan Glaze
    Nautilus Shell Box (37486)
    Potter’s sponge
    Container for water
    Clean plate for palette

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