Animals & Birds (By the Each)

Animals & Birds (By the Each)

Ceramic Bisque - Animals & Birds

Ready to paint ceramic bisque animals by the each

All of your favorites from Mayco - Duncan - Specialty

All of our low-fire ceramic Bisque has been cleaned and kiln fired to a cone 04 - 1948 degrees and is UN-finished and ready for you to paint.  

You can use any of our low fire Ceramic Glazes and then re-fire to a cone 06 or you can simply choose to use an Acrylic Stain and Spray Seal.

We make it easy. 

All of our bisque is available by the case or by the each.

All of our Ceramic Bisque is unpainted.
You are purchasing an unfinished, Ready to Paint, Piece of Ceramic Pottery
Be sure to look for Painting Techniques on the details page when you see a finished sample.

MB1574 Bee Facetini in Ready to Paint, C..
Bird Luminary in ready to paint, cone 04..
SJ2626 Bling Bling Dog in ready to paint, Con..
SJ2625 Bling Bling Kitty in ready to paint, C..
Bulldog - in Ceramic, ready to paint, Co..
MB1565 Bunny Facetini in Ready to Paint,..
SCB2019 Cat - Cone 04 Specialty Ceramic Bisqu..
SCB9172 Chalkboard Gator - Cone 04 Speci..
STL0806 Charlie Fish Shelf Sitter in ready to..
MB1603 - Chicken Facet-ini in Ready to Paint,..
38427 Chinese Dragon in Ready to paint, ..
MB-1600  Crested Whittle Bird in ready t..
Cute Dragon in ready to paint, cone 04 cerami..
Cute Elephant in ready to paint, cone 04..
Cute Frog in ready to paint, cone 04 cer..
SJ2478L Cute Lioness in ready to paint, Cone ..
Cute Monkey in ready to paint, cone 04 cerami..
21776 Cute Snake Box - in Ceramic Cone 0..
22685 Cute Standing Horse - in Ceramic Cone 0..
SK3393 Digger Frog in ready to paint, Cone 04..
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