Reptiles & Amphibians

Reptiles & Amphibians

Reptiles and Amphibians

Ready to paint ceramic bisque

Add some pizzaz to your garden with our Reptiles and Amphibians
Customize your Garden with our very large selection of Garden Planters that are a delight to paint
You will love our wide selection of Garden Bisque.
We are adding more and more items everyday 

All of our Ceramic Bisque is unpainted.
You are purchasing an unfinished, Ready to Paint, Piece of Ceramic Pottery

Be sure to look for Painting Techniques on the details page when you see a finished sample.

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Ceramic BisqueSCB9190 Beaux Gecko - Cone 04 S..
SCB9172 Chalkboard Gator - Cone 04 Speci..
SAR1414 Gecko (Mosaic) - Cone 04 Special..
MB-645 Med. Frog Wall Climber in Ceramic Cone..
MB-645 Med. Frog Wall Climber-in Ceramic Cone..
As low as $48.44
MB-714 Medium Gecko - in Ceramic Cone 04 Bisq..
MB-714 Medium Gecko- in Ceramic Cone 04 Bisqu..
As low as $73.92
MB1454 Roly Poly Alligator Bank in Ceramic Co..
SCB2006 Sm. Standing Gator in ready to paint,..
STL0801 Small Wave Fish in ready to paint, Co..
SJ1986 Splash Dolphin in ready to paint, Cone..
SCB2013 Stylin Gecko in ready to paint, Cone ..
33424 - TINY TOT HOPPY ..
33424 - TINY TOT HOPPY THE FROG in Ceramic Co..
As low as $26.46
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