Terms & Conditions

We know that our quantity discounts are awesome, but we also have different discounts available for these Business Groups:

Government Organizations, Schools & Churches: 
Register here for additional Organizational Discounts or net prices for your School, Church or Organization.  Please make sure to list your commercial address for cheaper shipping rates.

Ceramic Dealers / Licensed Finished Ware Producers:
If this is you and you do not have a Commercial / Store-front location, please let us know by registering with us as additional discounts and net pricing may be available for you.

Store-Front Business / Paint Your Own Pottery Studio’s:
Additional Discounts / Net Pricing and other Discounts are available to you that you will not see as a regular user.
Be sure to list your Commercial Address and Days / Hours of Operation.
Studio’s usually place larger orders that qualify for LTL Shipping and we have fantastic shipping rates available to you that makes buying in bulk very affordable.