Mid Range Glaze Videos

Mid Range Glaze Videos

We all love Stoneware and the beautiful combinations that you can create with the glazes and how a little experimentation can go a long way to creating that unique masterpiece.

2020 Mayco Stoneware Color Brochure

We hope you enjoy these videos and glaze combination charts as you explore the wonderful world of Stoneware

Stoneware Combination - SW175 Rusted Iron

Stoneware Combination - SW501-SW508 Gloss Glazes

Stoneware Combination - SW150 Celadon Bloom

Stoneware Combination - SW174_Leather

Stoneware Combination - SW177 Raspberry Mist

Stoneware Combination SW178 Fools Gold

Stoneware Combination - SW154 Shipwreck

Stoneware Combination - SW176 Sandstone

Mayco Mid Range Firing Guide 

Duncan Mid Range Firing Guide

Peacock Eyes and Speckled Toad Bowl

Copper Jade with Flux and SC

Light Magma with Cordovan over Flux

Speckled Toad with Flux and Cordovan glaze trailing

Manganese Wash with Stroke & Coat and Stoneware Glaze

Opal and Lavender Flower Bowl

Sandstone over Lavender Mist Bowl

Mayco Flux over Stoneware Cinnebar Glaze

Sandstone over Lavender Mist Bowl

Two Glaze Combination with Mayco's Stoneware Glazes

Mayco Texture Glazes : Mudcracks

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