Clay Shield

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    Clay Shield by WiziWig

    Made in the USA

    Trim with an Edge

    Keep Your Studio Healthy

    Contain Clay Trimmings

    For Removable Splash Pans

    Step 1: Cut two panels along the raised guidelines.

    Step 2: Snap each of the cut panels (from Step 1) to the bottom of two separate whole panels.

    Step 3: Starting with one assembly (from Step 2) connect to the 12 remaining whole panels. End with the extra assembly from Step 2.

    Step 4: Align Clay Shield around the outside of your splash pan, tucking the cut tabs (from Fig. 1) under the splash pan. Start trimming/throwing.

    For Recessed or Built-In Splash Pans

    Step 1: Starting with one whole panel, snap the remaining panels together, side by side.

    Step 2: Align Clay Shield around the inside wall of your splash pan. Start trimming/throwing.

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