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    AS953 - GLOSS SEALER - 2 oz by Duncan.  

    Brighten and protect your projects with Duncan's Brush-On Sealers. Our nontoxic Brush-On Sealers produce a smooth, hard coating on your acrylic, non-fired projects and provide the same excellent results as ceramic spray sealers. They dry quickly to an invisible appearance and are available in four finishes: Gloss, Matte, Satin and Hi-Gloss.

    How to use Brush-On Sealers

    1. Stir contents of jar or shake bottle thoroughly before use.

    2. Apply 2 coats with a soft brush to piece. Thin with water if necessary.

    3. Clean up with water and Duncan Brush Cleaner.

    Tips & Techniques

    Brush-On Sealers can also be used over fired underglaze colors as a sealer in place of a fired glaze on decorative pieces.

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