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    SH505 Aquamarine  Shimmer Glazes By Duncan   

    Let your creativity shine with the lovely luster of Duncan® Shimmer Glazes. This low-fire, food-safe family features a sophisticated palette that marries rich color with concentrated sparkle that is perfect for all-over shimmer or for adding beautiful accents to your glaze and underglaze projects. Innovative, opulent and fun, treat yourself to the beauty and sheen of Duncan® Shimmer Glazes.

    Created with an innovative new formula that's never been on the market before, Shimmer Glazes are nontoxic and safe for all ages to use; they're even safe to decorate dinnerware with! Pair them with Duncan® Concepts® Underglazes and Duncan® Envision Glazes® for endless creative possibilities.

    Shimmer Glazes are a low-fire glaze family and should be fired to cone 06. Over-glaze compatible.

    How to use Duncan® Shimmer Glazes®

    1. For full coverage, apply 3 to 4 flowing coats, letting dry between coats.

    2. Stilt and fire to cone 06.

    Tips & Techniques

    Apply color in a crosshatch pattern to minimize brush marks.

    Color should be applied with smooth, consistent brushstrokes for best results.

    Shimmer Glazes are a low-fire glaze family and are not intended for high fire use.

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