Lehman Casting Equipment

1/2 h.p. with C Clamps

The COM mixer(shown on left) features a C-cla..


30 Gallon Slip Reclaimer

Slip mixing and reclaiming is a primary funct..


Centrifugal Pump Complete

Slip-O-Matic ™ Centrifugal Pumps This is t..


Draining Table 24”W x 43”L x 30”H

The STJ/L cast table and Power Potter casting..


Glaze Mixer 24” D x 29”H w - 1/2 HP Motor

The easiest way to apply clear glaze is by us..


Mixer / Reclaimer 19”dia x 41”H

The BR6 has the same great mechanical feature..


Mixer with 1/2 H.P Motor

The OPT mixer is designed to mount on top of ..


Power Potter 22”W x 25”L x 22”H

The Porta Potter 30 (shown on left) has been ..


Pump / hose and 1/2 HP Motor

The EX4 uses the same pump parts as the SP4 e..


Pump w / Hose & 29” working Depth

The SP4L is a longer version of the SP4 and i..


Pump w/ Hose & 20” working Depth

The SP4 is our basic suspended model that fea..


Round Casting Machine

The Model "M30" was the hobby ceramic industr..


Six Gallon Casting Machine 13” dia x 27”H

The CC6 casting unit uses a short version of ..


Slip Mixer \\ Reclaimer

The Mity Mite Mixer is the most efficient sma..


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