1oz Customizable Applicator Kit with 20 Gauge Tips

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    1oz Customizable Applicator Kit with 20 Gauge Tips

    CABS1 - X10306 Customizable Applicator 1 ounce bottle with cap and 20 gauge tips

    Freedom to create with unprecedented precision

    Customizable Applicator bottle with customizable tip allows you the freedom to create complex designs in a variety of line widths and thicknesses. The very soft, low-density, clear plastic bottle is ideal for highly controlled applications. It comes with 3 removable and writable clear water-resistant labels and an airtight cap lock to store liquid media without the hassle of clean up after use. The customizable tip can be cut to 7 different sizes. The low-pressure-cap connector provides a consistent and effortless flow and works well with Xiem precision gauge tips for precise application.

    It’s perfect for glazes, underglazes, slip, wax resist, inks, watercolors, paints, silk dyes, henna, water-based adhesives, and other liquid media.

    This 1 oz. Customizable Applicator Kit consist of 10 pieces. It includes:

    • 1 Customizable Applicator Bottles (1oz.)
    • 1 Customizable Applicator Cap Connectors (1oz.)
    • 1 Air-tight Cap Locks
    • 1 Applicator Tip Caps
    • 1 Precision Gauge Tip (20 Gauge)
    • 1 Applicator Gauge Tip (20 Gauge)
    • 3 Writable and removable clear water-resistant labels
    • 1 Needle Pin

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