Duncan Bisque

Duncan Bisque

Duncan Ceramic Bisque

Your perfect project should begin with the perfect surface: Duncan® Oh Four® Ceramic Bisque.

Formulated from pure earthenware clay of the highest quality, Duncan® Oh Four® Bisque is meticulously cleaned, which means you can always depend on super smooth surfaces and Duncan guarantees their bisque against shivering regardless of the brand of glaze being used.  Be sure to look for the Duncan® Oh Four® symbol on the bottom of each piece!

Quality designs, spot on trend designs and pieces specially designed for kids and tween's.   
Duncan Ceramic Bisque has you covered.

The only thing left to add … is your imagination!

  • Ceramic Techniques - Be sure to look for the painted samples.  Click on the colored image and a ceramic technique will be on the following details page along with a list of all products used in creating that project.

  • All of our ceramic bisque is unpainted.

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