French Dimensions & Accents

French Dimensions & Accents

Duncan French Dimensions & Mayco Accents

French Dimensions
French Dimensions are high-pile glazes for raised design effects, such as dots, stripes, squiggles and outlines, over and under non-moving glazes and over each other. Available in a 1.25 oz easy to use squeeze bottle.

  • Surface - can be applied to green ware, earthenware bisque or on top of a glaze.
  • Gloss Finish -  Accents will produce a gloss finish without the need of a clear glaze.
  • Tint able - White Accents can be tinted to create new colors
  • Certified AP Non-Toxic and Food Safe 
  • MB101_ModernAccents

Extraordinary Detail

  • Create lines that are extremely fine to bold and broad. Side-by-side details are preserved; what and where you place Accents on your piece will be how it appears

SA002  Black (1.25 ounce) Stroke n ..
$1.85 $3.70
Duncan French DimensionsFD254 BLACK LICO..
$3.65 $4.05
As low as $2.17
FD258 Pure White - French Dime..
$3.65 $4.05
As low as $2.17
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