Shimmer Glazes

Shimmer Glazes

Duncan Shimmer Glazes

Let your creativity shine with the lovely luster of Duncan® Shimmer Glazes. This low-fire, food-safe family features a sophisticated palette that marries rich color with concentrated sparkle that is perfect for all-over shimmer or for adding beautiful accents to your glaze and under-glaze projects. Innovative, opulent and fun, treat your-self to the beauty and sheen of Duncan® Shimmer Glazes.
Created with an innovative new formula that's never been on the market before, Shimmer Glazes are nontoxic and safe for all ages to use; they're even safe to decorate dinnerware with! Pair them with Duncan® Concepts® Under-glazes and Duncan® Envision Glazes® for endless creative possibilities.

Shimmer Glazes are a low-fire glaze family and should be fired to cone 06.

How to use Duncan® Shimmer Glazes®

1. For full coverage, apply 3 to 4 flowing coats, letting dry between coats.

2. Stilt and fire to cone 06.

Tips & Techniques

Apply color in a crosshatch pattern to minimize brush marks.

Color should be applied with smooth, consistent brushstrokes for best results.

Colors will appear translucent unless applied to full coverage.

Because of their translucent nature, Shimmer Glazes can be applied OVER Duncan® Concepts® colors to create shimmery new finishes. Shimmer Glazes can be applied NEXT TO Duncan® Envision Glazes® but not over because Envision Glazes move slightly during the firing process.

Shimmer Glazes are a low-fire glaze family and are not intended for high fire use.

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