CLEAR GLAZE - Gallon Duncan Envision Glaze

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    IN 1001 - Clear Glaze (Gallon) Envision Glaze by Duncan 

    Envision yourself with the best – quality nontoxic, dinnerware-safe glazes in colors you love! Duncan® Envision® Glazes work with a variety of decorating techniques and produce a distinctively smooth and elegant appearance with intense colors ranging from opaque to transparent.

    See the world in vibrant color! Envision Glazes are perfect for ceramists, schools and finished-ware manufacturers!

    How to use Duncan® Envision® Glazes

    1. Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque.

    2. Apply 2-3 smooth, even coats.

    3. Fire to shelf cone 06.

    4. Clean up with water.

    Tips & Techniques

    1. Envision® Glazes move very little during firing, so apply them with smooth, even strokes.

    2. Most Envision® Glazes are over-glaze compatible. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.

    3. Most colors may be mixed together to create custom colors with no changes in application or performance.

    4. Envision® Glazes reds and greens can be fired simultaneously with no special precautions.

    Envision Glazes by Duncan Colors

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