Spray & Brush On Sealers

Spray & Brush On Sealers

Duncan Spray and Brush On Sealers

Spray Sealers
Ceramic Spray Sealers are final spray coatings that produce smooth, hard surfaces. They are used to brighten the colors and protect the finishes of objects decorated with non-fired color products. 

Super Gloss produces an extremely lustrous, smooth and hard final finish. This sealer provides the glossiest possible spray finish over both water-based and oil-based non-fired colors. 

Clear Gloss and Clear Matte can be used under, over and between Duncan non-fired colors. To maintain a bright acrylic base-coat, spray on a coat before antiquing. 

Porcelain Spray produces the look and feel of fine porcelain bisque when applied over a fired glaze or Prep-Coat. Porcelain Spray is especially well suited as a final finish over dry-brushed items. Can be used under, over and between non-fired colors. 

Super Matte produces a smooth, even, flat-matte finish on non-fired acrylic and translucent colors, particularly on realistic animal figurines. It slightly softens underlying colors and provides a shine-free protective surface.

AS953 - GLOSS SEALER - 2 oz by Duncan.  ..
$2.51 $2.95
As low as $1.77
AS954 - MATTE SEALER - 2 oz by Duncan.  ..
$2.51 $2.95
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