True Matte Glazes

True Matte Glazes

Duncan True Matte Glazes and Pastels

Duncan True Matte Glazes exude modern appeal with their smooth, matte finish that add a refined, sophisticated look to any design.  This nontoxic, food safe glaze features a comprehensive palette of prismatic colors that look stunning whether painted in monochromatic hues, paired with other colors or used in Majolica technique.

True Matte Pastels exude modern appeal, as pastels have evolved from sweet to sophisticated and are here to stay.
This nontoxic, food safe glaze line consist of 8 fresh colors developed to accentuate your design.  The smooth, matte finish creates a refined look whether painted in monochromatic hues, paired with bright colors or used in a Majolica technique.  Fire to cone 06.

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TM 314 4 oz Indigo True Matte Glaze by Duncan..
$2.53 $5.05
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