Green Patina - 8 oz

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    • Brand: Mayco Colors
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    MM-202  Green Patina (8 ounce) by Mayco Colors

    Magic Metallics™ Patinas and Rapid Rust act to oxidize Magic Metallic metal acrylics. Copper, and Dark Bronze will develop a patina stain when treated with MM-200 Verde Green Patina, MM-201 Aqua Blue Patina or MM-202 Green Patina. Steel will rust when treated with MM-305 Rapid Rust. 

    Application Recommendations

    • While the second coat of metallic paint is still wet, apply the rust or patina agents with a brush, sponge or spritzer nozzle. The Magic Metallics™ colors need to be wet for oxidation to occur. (MM-103 Dark Bronze may patina even if dry). 
    • Oxidation begins within 20 minutes - Rust may take a little longer.  When you achieve the level of oxidation you desire dry the surface with a paper towel, fan or hair dryer. As long as the patina or rusting agents remain wet the oxidation process will continue. 
    • Then seal with AC-502 Matte Sealer.
    • Helpful Hints

    • All the Patinas can be mixed with each other. Try MM-200 Verde Green Patina with MM-201 Aqua Blue Patina.
    • The Patinas will also work on any ferrous metals. Idea: fill a clean stamp pad with a patina and use rubber stamps to print onto thin copper sheeting. The stamp design will remain as a patina pattern.
    • If working on glass, apply MM-502 Matte Sealer before applying a metal paint.  The sealer serves to tack-up the glass and improve adhesion. 

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