Intense Translucents

Intense Translucents

Kimple Intense Translucent Stains

Intense Translucents are highly concentrated hues rich in vivid color pigments. They are oil-based and partially water soluble. Use these shades to enrich drybrush techniques, or alone for an incredible translucent finish.

First prime your piece with Bisque Primer (750,751 & 752) a white water-based opaque color product that offers a unique amount of sealant to bisque. Must be sealed. Perfect Matte Spray (761) is a spray fixative with a color enhancing sheen.  Our I.T. Kit (770) contains; A jar of each color (700-719), plus Bisque Primer (750) & Antique Media (763)

As low as $1.98
Intense Translucent. 1/2 oz jar...
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