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    AS964 NO-FIRE SNOW By Duncan  

    Bundle up your wintertime-inspired projects in the billowy magic of snow! No-Fire Snow® products are nontoxic and produce realistic snow and textured effects on finished pieces. These self-sealing products can be applied to both non-fired pieces and fired glazed surfaces.

    No-Fire Snow® has a smooth, marshmallow-creme consistency, while Glittering No-Fire Snow® contains shimmery, fine glitter particles and is the consistency of whipped cream.

    In addition to ceramic surfaces, No-Fire Snow® products can be used on wood, plastic, glass, craft foam, baskets, grapevine wreaths and more. So let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

    How to use No-Fire Snow®

    1. Stir contents of jar thoroughly before use.

    2. Snows can be applied with many different tools. Try using a brush, a palette knife, a sponge or a pastry tube. Rinse tool or brush frequently to avoid product buildup.

    3. Allow to dry between coats and 24-48 hours after final application.

    4. Clean up with water.

    Tips & Techniques

    1. Cake decorator technique: Use palette knife to fill pastry tube with No-Fire Snow® or Glittering No-Fire Snow. Select tips with large design openings as these products might clog smaller openings. Use slow, steady pressure to squeeze design onto surface to be decorated. Clean design tips thoroughly and dispose of the pastry tube.

    2. Brush design techniques: Load a round synthetic bristle brush heavily with No-fire Snow or Glittering No-Fire Snow® allowing a small amount of the product to remain on the tip of the brush bristles. To create raised flower petals and leaves, place tip of brush at end of flower petal or base of leaf. Then press down on the brush, slightly rolling the bristles as stroke is pulled out. Allow to dry for 24-48 hours, then paint design with acrylic colors.

    3. Palette knife technique: No-fired Snow® can be applied with a palette knife to create landscapes and designs. Experiment with pressing, pulling and twisting motions with the palette knife for a variety of raised effects. Allow to dry for 24-48 hours, then paint design with acrylic colors.

    4. Holiday Decorations: No-fired Snow® can be added to completed projects--ceramic bisque, wood, plaster, glass tree ornaments, grapevine wreaths, greeting cards and more. No-fired Snow® is not recommended for decorating holiday windows as they are permanent when dry.

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