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    • Brand: Duncan Colors
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    AS957 THIN N SHADE By Duncan  

    Ever get frustrated when your design dries before you get it quite right? Buy some time with a bottle of Thin ‘n Shade™! This versatile product is a water-based medium that prolongs the drying time of colors so they remain workable longer for use. Thin ‘n Shade™ can be used with any water-based ceramic color, fired or non-fired product and can act as a purer thinning agent in areas where water systems contain contaminants that may affect ceramic color results.

    How to use Thin 'n Shade™

    To thin colors, mix Thin 'n Shade™ with any water-based ceramic color as you would with water to the consistency required for the specific decorating technique.

    Tips & Techniques

    Thin 'n Shade™ keeps product "open" longer extending drying time & keeping paint from drying too soon.

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