Classic Wheel




    Production Potter's Dream

    The combination of the Built-In Splash Pan, Heavy Duty Frame, and ridiculously strong motor make the Classic a popular choice with production potters. Upgrade to the ultra silky smooth performance of the SSX controller and you may never have to make another potter's wheel purchase again.


    Splash Pan Type Wheel Head Size Reversing Switch Controller Type Ship Weight
    Built-In 14 Yes Regular 127 lbs
    Built-In 14 Yes Regular 127 lbs


    Horsepower Volts Amps Receptacle Breaker Size
    0.33 180 V -- A   20 A
    0.33 120 V 4.00 A   20 A

    Built Like A Tank!

    Everything on this wheel is stout! Potters can put a lot of force on a wheel. We use them to brace our legs, we push around clay on the wheel head, heck… sometimes we even stand on it. You want that base to feel solid. 

    The frame of the Classic is made of powder coated, 5/16″ cast aluminum. The legs are 1/8″ thick steel. The wheel head is the thickest on the market and the motor is the biggest. 

    If you are looking for a wheel you can pick up and take on a picnic, this one might not be for you. If you are looking for a wheel that will last a lifetime…look no further.

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