Sea Salt Dry - 10 lbs Dry Mayco Stoneware Glaze

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    SD118-10 Sea Salt Dry Cone 5 Mid-Range Glaze by Mayco Colors in 10-Pound Dry form.

    Stoneware crystal glazes are designed to expand upon the surface with dazzling bursts of color.

    Fired results will vary based on wares orientation. Crystals will settle to the bottom of the jar and will need a good

    mixing prior to initial use. Re-stir between each coat. Stir with palette knife or other, unpainted tool.

    Avoid placing crystals near the bottom third of a vertical piece as they may cause additional movement during

    firing. Crystals will flow more than the base glaze. While the glaze is wet, use your fan brush to redistribute the

    crystals to achieve balanced coverage. Over-application or heavy deposition of the crystals can cause pin-holing or

    running. When storing a crystal glaze, you may consider storing upside down to facilitate crystal dispersion on the

    next use.

    Cone 6: Sea Salt is a white matte glaze that contains a sandy-brown crystal. As the crystal melts, brownish-tan

    small blooms appear in the glaze, producing a foamy, textured fired finish.

    Cone 10: Base glaze turns pale lavender/gray. Crystals are mint green.

    TIP: SW-106 Alabaster is the base glaze. For a lighter crystal effect, you may try applying two coats of SW-106

    Alabaster with a third coat of SW-118 Sea Salt.

    Dinnerware Safe

    Mixing Instructions:

    Due to the manufacturing process, Mayco Stoneware Dry Glazes do not require sieving.

    All you need to do to use our dry-mix glazes is add water, shake, stir and DIP.

    Tumble the bag prior to initial opening, which will remix the ingredient in case of settling during shipping.

    Water to dry material ratio is 16 oz. water to 1 pound of material. 

    Add dry mix to water. Always use a NIOSH approved respirator when mixing dry materials.

    You will love the sheeting action when dipping and be pleased to find that our dry-mix glazes will not settle out in your storage bucket.

    Whether dipping or spraying: let previous coat dry before applying additional coats. 

    Fire to cone 5/6.

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