Capri Blue SW-109 over Himalayan Salt SW-187 Stoneware Glaze Combination

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    • Brand: Mayco Colors
    • Product Code: STWC-SW-109-SW187 Combo - 16oz
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    SW-109 over SW-187 Himalayan Salt (brush on) Stoneware Glaze Combination By Mayco

    Technique was achieved by brushing on two (2) layers of base glaze (SW-187 Himalayan Salt). Then apply two (2) layers of top glaze, letting glazes dry between coats
    Mayco’s Stoneware glaze assortment, including Opals, Ices, and Washes, offers a variety of finishes, textures and endless possibilities for glaze combinations. Designed to perform from cones 5-10, in oxidation or reduction firing processes on stoneware clay body of choice.
    Artists will appreciate the consistency of performance and control of movement 

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